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Latest webinars

Medical July 2016

Clinical and Performance evidence requirements in the future EU IVD Regulation

Julien SENAC Certification Project Manager - LNE/G-MED

Medical July 2016

Evolution of ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 standards

Florianne TORSET-BONFILLOU Technical Department Director - LNE/G-MED

Consumer products June 2016

Nanomaterials in cosmetics: emerging needs in terms of characterization

Georges FAVRE Nanomaterials Product manager - LNE

Consumer products June 2016

Optimization of cosmetic packaging : Interactions between container and content

Patrick SAUVEGRAIN R&D Coordinator - LNE

Medical March 2016

Advantages and challenges of MDSAP program and how to organize the transition to the CMDCAS Canadian program ?

Corinne DELORME Regulatory Affairs Global Manager - LNE

Medical November 2015

CE Marking : Dealing with changes in medical devices in the framework of CE type and design examination

Christine QUINTON Technical File Evaluation Manager - LNE/G-MED

Medical October 2015

Upcoming revisions of EU regulations & the reclassification of In Vitro Diagnostics

Sheena BOND Certification Project Manager - Lead Auditor - LNE/G-MED NA

All sectors October 2015

Changes in certification standards ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015

Stéphane GENEAU DE LAMARLIERE Certification project manager and SMQ lead auditor, LNE Cetification Division

Emmanuel REBUFFAT Certification project manager and LNE expert in transition matters regarding the ISO 14001 standard

Medical August 2015

Reclassification of Medical Devices, upcoming revisions of EU regulations

Anne LE ROUZO Sr Lead Auditor ISO 13485, ISO 9001, CMDR, MDD, AO regulations

Medical August 2015

Recent EU Medical Device Regulatory Evolutions: Moving Forward

Sarah STEC Legal and Regulatory Director - LNE/G-MED NA

Medical July 2015

Directive on Radio Equipment and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment (R&TTE): do your connected medical devices meet the requirements?

Christophe WEIDEN Project Manager at CETECOM Group - testing and certification of radio products.

Medical June 2015

Medical Devices Containing Ancillary Medicinal Substances

Sam SHAKIR Certification Project Manager - LNE/G-MED NA

Medical May 2015

The IVD Directive and borderline products

Sheena BOND Certification Project Manager - Lead Auditor - LNE/G-MED NA

Medical April 2015

Medical devices intended for home use: what are the requirements of EN 60601-1-11 ?

Patrick SORREAUX Technical Manager - Electrical Safety of medical electrical devices, Testing department / LNE

Medical April 2015

Russia Medical Device Market Access, ISO 13485, and CE Marking for Medical Device Manufacturers

Alexey STEPANOV Regulatory and Quality Assurance Manager Russia and CIS / Sorin Group

Medical March 2015

Sampling Medical Devices for Testing during Unannounced Audit

Florianne TORSET-BONFILOU Technical Department Director, Lead Auditor - LNE/G-MED NA

Medical February 2015

CE Marking and the Roles of Notified Bodies

Sarah STEC Legal and Regulatory Director - LNE/G-MED NA

All sectors January 2015

How does ISO 27001 address the challenge of information security ?

Dimitri DRUELLE Expert of the family of standards ISO 27000 / Gfi Informatique

Medical January 2015

INMETRO Certification

Sarah STEC Legal and Regulatory Director - LNE/G-MED NA

Medical December 2014

Nanoparticles and Medical Devices: How to meet the regulation on the characterisation of materials ?

Georges FAVRE R&D Programme Manager / LNE

Medical November 2014

Mexico Medical Device Market Access and ISO 13485 certificat

Sarah STEC Legal and Regulatory Director -LNE/G-MED NA

Miguel Angel TORRES TELLO - EmergoGroup Mexico

Medical November 2014

How to change notified bodies (NB) for LNE/G-MED ?

Christine QUINTON Technical File Evaluation Manager - LNE/G-MED

Medical November 2014

Stand-alone software classification & regulation in Europe

Franck MARTIN Senior QA RA Consultant and CEO of ExpeReg

Sarah STEC Legal and Regulatory Director, G-MED North America

Medical November 2014

Medical devices: exporting to the Brazilian and Mexican markets

Christiane BINET Europe Manager for Health sector companies

Stephan FONTANEL Founding Director at CroftHawk et Mandala Associés

Medical September 2014

MRI safety and compatibility of medical devices

Yannick PONVIANNE Healtis' CEO

HEALTIS A company that specialises in MRI Safety