2016, June

In the sector of cosmetics, it is the regulation EC n° 1223/2009 that defines the statutory requirements to be respected for the placed on the market products. So in agreement with the article 3 of the regulation, cosmetics should not put in danger the human health in the normal or reasonably predictable conditions of their employment. According to the article 10 of the regulation, the proof of the respect for this requirement falls to the person responsible for the finished product who has to lead an evaluation of the safety on the basis of appropriate information. The article 17 of the regulation specifies that the not deliberate presence of forbidden substances must be estimated in particular those stemming from the migration of packaging and the appendix 4 of the Regulation EC n°1223/2009 indicates that the characteristics of the packaging material must be taken into account during the evaluation of the safety, in particular its purity and its stability. Although the European Commission publishes guidelines for the implementation of these requirements (Decision of execution of 25/11/2013), the elements of proof to be supplied by the persons in charge of the placing on the market are not perfectly established.

During this webinar, the following issues will be discussed:

  • The phenomena of transfer of substances of packaging materials towards cosmetics
  • The limits of the approach by analyses of migration of substances
  • The approach by modelling of the transfers of substances
  • Modelling of transfers: an approach to estimate the sanitary safety of the packaging of cosmetics


Patrick SAUVEGRAIN R&D Coordinator / LNE

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